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969.Old boat on the far coast.jpg
Old boat on the far coast 50х70 cm

969.Far from home coasts.jpg
Far from home coasts 61х76 cm

969.Sunny Forest.jpg
Sunny Forest 88х60 cm

975.Sunny winter.jpg
Sunny winter 51x41 cm

969.Autumn Palette.jpg
Autumn Palette 61х46 cm

969.Evening on the Mountain.jpg
Evening on the Mountain 61х91 cm

969.Red Cliffs in Colorado.jpg
Red Cliffs in Colorado 46х61 cm

973.Autumn Breath. jpg
Autumn Breath 61х76 cm

969.In dark blue Forest .jpg
In dark blue Forest 61х46 cm

979. Autumn Forest .jpg
Autumn Forest 51x41 cm

969.Forest Fantasy.jpg
Forest Fantasy 61х46 cm

969.Autumn Palette.jpg
Autumn Palette 61х76 cm