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727.Composition №1.jpg
Compositrion №1 70x63 cm

744.Composition №2.jpg
Composition №2 80x50сm

978.Red and Black.jpg
Red and Black 76х61 cm

824.Artist Aura.jpg
Аrtist Aura 70х50 cm

Palette 70х60 cm

918.Lilac Mirage.jpg
Lilac Mirage 61x76 cm

912.Autumn Palette.jpg
Autumn Palette 61x76 cm

939.Compositioin №8.jpg
Composition №8
40x50 cm

943.Compositioin №10.jpg
Compositioin №10
40x50 cm

959.Compositioin №11.jpg
Compositioin №11
61x91 cm

952.Splited Day.jpg
Splited Day 46х61 cm

30.Memory about Tarkovsky.jpg
Memory about Tarkovsky
60x49 cm