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743.Nude in the Hat.jpg
Nude in the Hat(for order)
80x60 cm

982.The Girl on the Sand.jpg
Woman in Sand(for order)
61x46 cm

942.Despair. jpg
Despair(for order) 50x40 сm

977.Dance. jpg
The Dance 51x61 cm

933.Tango. jpg
Tango( for order) 51x51 cm

774.Lying on Red.jpg
Lying on Red 50x80 cm

958.Nude. jpg
Nude 80x60 cm

771.Girl with Red Rap.jpg
Girl with Red Wrap 45x60 cm

985.The Girl with arms raised. jpg
The Girl with arms raised 56x46 cm

974.The Walk Together. jpg
The Walk Together ( for order)51x61 cm

Model in the Studio. jpg
Model in the Studio 28x36 cm