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Vladimir Volosov

Vladimir Volosov recently moved to America. He was born in 1937 in St. Petersburg.
He is Doctor of Science, Professor, winner of the State Prize, author of more than
100 scientific articles. At the threshold of his fifties, he decided to live one more life,
a new alluring life of the free artist.
He walked away from his established scientific career and completely devoted himself to painting.
Over the last 25 years he have authored over 1000 paintings (oil on canvas), and have had numerous
personal exhibitions in Russia,Europe and the US. Main direction of his painting
- lyrical realism and abstract compositions.
After the historic collapse of Berlin Wall, in 1993-1994 he participated in a very important exhibition
of German, Jewish and Russian artists “Zwei Welten- Eine Kunst” – “Two Worlds - One Art".
This exhibition traveled all over Berlin and its neighborhoods and was aimed at uniting the cultures
of the Western World and Post-communist countries.
Volosov’s works are currently held in galleries and private collections in Russia, USA, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Israel, and Japan.

Awards and Prizes

2004 - Membership in Russian Derzhavin's Academy of Art
2009 - Special prize at the Moscow International Festival «Art preview»
2010 - Two gold medals at an exhibition at Asa Art Gallery ( New York)
2012 - Four paintings was included in album «International Contemporary Artists» Vol IV, New York


"I’m glad to be acquainted not only with your works, but also with you personally - à man of extraordinary destiny".
Anatoly Sobchak, Mayor of St. Petersburg

"I wish Vladimir Volosov to remain himself, contrary to fashion, not listening to 'wise' advice.
Having selected the life of an artist at an already-mature age requires bravery to be true to oneself."
M. German, Professor, art critic, member of International Association of Critics

"One can find, though rarely, people for whom to live one life is not enough. And they manage to live several lives within the same God-given amount of time...
On Vladimir Volosov. «Bisiness of St.Petersburg», Boris Mazo

Courage of the Choice

Vladimir Volosov is an artist of uncommon fate. A well-known and mature scientist, he left science for the sake of painting,and with amazing
persistence, with ardent love to the new trade began to paint pictures.
He painted and he paints with a rare spontaneity, with joy of a person discovering the beauty of nature, its eternal secrets, riddles of light,
space, fogs, reflexes, finding its new charm and attempting to express his feelings on canvas.
He paints what he sees, not aspiring to separate himself from his impressions, not being fascinated by either classical schemes, or
fashionable complicatedness. Hissuccess is based on a simple human desire to recognize on his canvas the familiar, beloved nature,
as seen by an artist who never tires of admiring it.
However, recently beneficial doubts have increasingly made their way into the thoughts of the artist, with former serenity and tranquility
sometimes replaced by excited search for new expression, new individuality, for a more active dialog with the modern artistic vision.
All this causes deepest respect. The newly discovered youth in this artist promises happy surprises for all his fans and admirers. Prof. Mikhail GERMAN

The Main exhibitions

1989 - House of Scientists, Leningrad
1991 -State University, Leningrad
1991 - "The Spring Saloon" (Lenexpo), Leningrad
1992 - "Gordon-30" Gallery, Tel-Aviv
1993 - " Waanha Pietary " Gallery, Helsinki
1994 – "IBM-corporation " Leningrad
1994 - "Zwei Welde- Eine Kunst", Juedische Galerie, Berlin
1995 - Summer Garden, St.Petersburg
1996 – "Karjalan Portti" Gallery, Imatra, Finland
1996 - Municipal House "Smol'niy", St.Petersburg
1997 - "Lavka Chudojnikov" Gallery, St.Petersburg
1998 - "Art Service" Gallery, Moscow
1999 - Grand Hotel "Europa", St.Petersburg
2000 – "Mai-Art" Gallery, Lappeenranta, Finland
2000 – "Alla Rogers" Gallery, Washington
2001- " Art City "Gallery, St.Petersburg
2002- Art Gallery "Book World", Boston (USA)
2002- Art Gallery "Cofe-Break ", St.Petersburg
2003- "Business Center International ", St.Petersburg
2004- " Art City "Gallery, St.Petersburg
2005- " Brodsky Muzeum," St.Petersburg
2007 – «Brodsky Muzeum», St-Petersburg
2010 – «Asa Art Gallery»1293 Broadway, New York 2011-13- "FROM RUSSIA WITH ART " Gallery, Cambridge MA,USA
2012 - "Apollinaire Theater Gallery","Uncle Vanya"Exhibit, Chelsea, MA,USA
2014- "FROM RUSSIA WITH ART": Celebrating Vladimir Volosov 25th Anniversary of Artistic Creativity, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA, USA